Dogs are a main cause of dirty sidewalks and public places.

It is far beyond late to start better managing the destructive dog, but better late than never. Everything in the public domain is contaminated with dog urine and faeces. Lamp standards, trees and hedges that drink water not urine, benches, bus shelters, post boxes, stop signs, buildings, fences, athletic fields, children's playgrounds and school grounds, as delinquent dog owners use all spaces for off leash dog parks.

Whenever someone takes their dog for a walk it is so it can urinate and defecate in public places in our great city. When and why did this become acceptable behaviour? It is time to better manage dogs, especially when also considering they are ravenous consumers that increase ones' carbon and methane footprint by 25%, like driving a big ass SUV everyday for a year. If you own two dogs that equals two SUV's and so on. There is nothing sustainable about dogs and in fact, scientists stated over 25 years ago that then dog populations were unsustainable on planet earth. We don't have enough land to feed the growing human population, let alone the dog population. And that land will become smaller with global warming. Dogs do irreparable harm. dogs-levels-of-E-col-www-cbsnews-com.png, Feb 2023