Dogs are negative catalysts that turn decent people into law breaking, anti-social, misanthropes that do whatever they want with their dog when they want, regardless of the impact to the environment, wildlife, other people, their neighbourhood and wider community, their city, country and the planet. These people are all breaking the law and don't give a dam about anything except themselves and their dastardly dog. These images were taken within the space of 5 minutes at at beach where dogs are required to be leashed. It is a bad idea allowing them here at all in winter when it is the hardest time for nesting and migrating birds. Dogs harm wildlife just by their presence. feb-13-2023 (1).JPG, Feb 2023feb-13-2023 (2).JPG, Feb 2023feb-13-2023 (3).JPG, Feb 2023feb-13-2023 (4).JPG, Feb 2023