Dog food is produced from human grade consumption meat, the same meat that comes from harmful animal agriculture that deforests and hurts our planet through the mass farming of animals. Dog food is highly processed and produces highly toxic dog shit that is alive with viruses, bacteria, parasites and worse. It is very toxic and is in opposition to natural processes in the environment. Responsible dog owners either take their shit home and debag and flush it, or properly compost it underground in a dog shit composter. Irresponsible owners pick up their best friend's shit and put it in the garbage, where it goes to the landfill, and is a health hazard to workers and breaks down into methane, which is 20 times more destructive than carbon. Anti-social, misanthropic, self serving, law breakers just leave their pets turd where it is, or bag it and leave if this is any better. Give them $1,000.00 tickets to address their destructive behaviour.

IMG_20230218_173529.jpg, Feb 2023