Dam Dog charges me on my motorbike.

Today I pulled my motorbike into a shopping plaza parking lot and saw an unleashed dog in front of a business, no owner in sight.

I went into a shop for a few minutes, before returning and getting back on my motorbike, and pulling away. I felt something ram into my leg and knock my balance. I knew immediately it was the dam dog.

I stopped and looked to my right and sure enough the dog had chased me and lunged or jumped at me. Maybe even biting into my armoured leggings, instead of my leg.

I yelled at the dog to Fuck Off, and then the owner came out from somewhere quickly. I was very upset because if the dog caused me to lose my balance at low speed, I would just fall sideways, and my left leg would have been crushed by my 500lb Kawasaki. I scolded the owner for not leashing the dog, and for not controlling it. He told me to chill out, I told him to Fuck Off and to leash his Fucking dog. I told him I was not going to chill out, and that he was breaking the law. I got him to admit he knew there was a leashing bylaw, and also that he was breaking the law.

Dam dogs. Dam delinquent owners.tshirt-sample-1b.jpg