March 2019

Friday, March 29 2019

Dog shit on picnic grass

Dogs and food

Monday, March 25 2019

Are pets bad for the environment?

Dog heakth risks to humans

Who's afraid of pitbulls? Everybody but Lise Vadnais

Sunday, March 24 2019

Fact or Fiction

Saturday, March 23 2019

Dog owners just don't care about others

Dogs in shops?

Dogs turn most people into law breakers

Sunday, March 17 2019

No dogs - Bylaw 1959

Dog shit in picnic area

Pets' environmental impact

Monday, March 11 2019

Dogs are catalysts

Saturday, March 9 2019

Off-leash Pit Bull attacks other dog

Dog on dog attack

Woman attacked and killed by her dog

Cop shoots dog

Friday, March 8 2019

14 Dangerous dog breeds

Terrified girl bitten by off-leash mutt

Leash required

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