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Saturday, March 23 2019

Dog owners just don't care about others

Yet another image of a dog on the promenade, despite the fact it is not permitted. Bylaw 1959 bans dogs, I guess this guy doesn't care about the law. Are you being convinced that most dog owners don't care about other people, the environment, wildlife or their community? That they just do what they want, when they want, regardless of how it impacts the world around them.


Dogs in shops?

Since when are mangy, dirty dogs allowed in shops that sell food. march-21-2019 (9).jpg

Dogs turn most people into law breakers

Dogs are catalysts that turn most people intp law breakers. Dogs are not permitted on the promenade in White Rock.

Sunday, March 17 2019

No dogs - Bylaw 1959

White Rock BC., has a no dog Bylaw in place. WTF people, there are signs every 100' and signs painted on the promenade itself. Why do you feel you can disobey the law and do what the fuck you want, when the fuck you want to?

mar-16-2019 (25).jpg

Dog shit in picnic area

Some fucking areshole left dog shit on the grass at White Rock's promenade, where children play and families picnic.

mar-16-2019 (10).JPG

Pets' environmental impact

The truth about cats' and dogs' environmental impact.

mar-16-2019 (9).JPG

Monday, March 11 2019

Dogs are catalysts

Dogs are catalysts that take very normal, nice people and turn them into selfish, uncaring raving lunatics that don't give a dam about their neighbours, their community, their city the environment, wildlife or the negative impact that dog ownership has on everything and everyone except them. Quite clearly in this image Bylaw 1959 bans dogs from the promenade, How could it be more clear than large signs every 100'?

feb-24-2019 (1).jpg

Saturday, March 9 2019

Off-leash Pit Bull attacks other dog

An off-leash Pit Bull attacked another dog. When ar cities going to start putting the boots to all dog owners, to license their mutts, pay yearly faeces fees, taking pet ownership training course and start obeying all fucking laws. Other people in society would rather they didn't have to encounter other peoples mutts wherever they go. Why is it okay for dog owners to impose their selfish decision to own a dog, on everybody else in society. Pit Bull, German Shepherd, Collie, Beagle whatver, they're all a public nuisance. CTV NEWS EDMONTON

Dog on dog attack

A illegal off-leash dog attacked and injured a leashed dog, on Coal Harbours Seawall in February 2019. Why are their so many delinquent dog owners that hate wildlife and have no concern for anyone or anything else. Cities need to up their funding for animal so they can stomp with big fucking boots on people like this arsehole dog owner. CTV NEWS VANCOUVER

Woman attacked and killed by her dog

A woman was attacked and killed by her own dog, a Boxer cross. CTV NEWS CALGARY

Cop shoots dog

An Ottawa Police Officer shot and killed a dog that had attacked her and "felt like he was sort of cemented in there like he was locked," she stated. City laws regarding dogs are far too lax across Canada and elsewhere. Everything about dog ownership needs to change, everywhere. CTV NEWS OTTAWA

Friday, March 8 2019

14 Dangerous dog breeds

Psychology Today.

14 Dog Breeds Blacklisted by Insurance Companies Homes containing certain breeds of dogs have been declared uninsurable

Psychology Today

Pit Bull Terriers Staffordshire Terriers Rottweilers German Shepherds Presa Canarios Chows Chows Doberman Pinschers Akitas Wolf-hybrids Mastiffs Cane Corsos Great Danes Alaskan Malamutes Siberian Huskies

Terrified girl bitten by off-leash mutt

The CTV reported that a girl was bitten at Robson Square, on March 6, 2019, by an off-leash dog. The dog is massive and could be a Rottweiler or similar breed. The owner tried to get the dog under control, but then the dog was more interested in having a second attack on the victim. Why was the dog off-leash in an urban area where leashing is mandatory? Why is the man in such a hurry to leave? Why did he make no effort to check on the girls well being? And why is the dog still off-leash when the man rushes to leave? This man is too irresponsible to own dogs and the dog is too unsafe to be in public. https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/caught-on-camera-dog-chases-screaming-k-pop-dancer-in-vancouver-1.4324246

Leash required

Dogs are required to be leashed everywhere except at your home, and at city designated off - leash area. Leashes are mandatory everywhere else. Seniors may have balance and mobility issues, some people are scared of dogs and some just are not interested in their snot on their trousers. Leashehing your mutt keeps it happy as you will be the ALPHA and it knows it's place, it is safer when near traffic, and lastly won't leave a disgusting turd that you can't locate to take home and compost environmentally. Your Dog Is Not My Best Friend. Put a leash on it!tshirt-sample-1b.jpg

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