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Wednesday, April 17 2019

Dogs not permitted

Dogs are banned on the promenade in White Rock, but these delinquent law breakers don't give a shit about the law, other people, the environment or wildlife.

april-7-2019 (13).jpg

april-12-2019 (3).jpg

april-12-2019 (5).jpg

Trees need water not piss

Thanks a lot. That's my favourite tree to sit under while relaxing, reading and checking my messages. Trees don't need piss, they need water. When did it become acceptable to let your dog piss and shit all over trees in the public domain and on your neighbours property??

There is something very wrong with the way demented dog owners view the world around them and the attitude they take to other people, their community, the environment and wildlife.

april-7-2019 (5).jpg

Where is the owner

Where is this mutts owner. There is a leashing bylaw, and this poor dog deserves a better owner.


It's the dog owners that are the problem

There's nothing wrong with dogs, but there are many things wrong were dog owners. It's your dog, your fucking disgusting turd, and your job to take it home and properly compost it. Don't send it to the landfill.


Friday, March 29 2019

Dog shit on picnic grass

Dog owners simply cannot be trusted to follow the law and act in a responsible fashion. More dog shit was left yesterday at my favourite picnic spot.

march-28-2819 (6).JPG

Dogs and food

Hey idiot, people sit and eat at picnic tables. Why do you think it is acceptable behaviour to let your dog run around on the picnic table? You might let your dog do all kinds of disgusting things at home, but this is unacceptable behviour in public.

march-28-2819 (3).JPG

Monday, March 25 2019

Are pets bad for the environment?

Are pets bad for the environment? Published in The Guardian.


Dog heakth risks to humans

Health risks to humans

Further information: Dog attack and Canine vector-borne disease Further information: Dog bite prevention In 2005, the WHO reported that 55,000 people died in Asia and Africa from rabies, a disease for which dogs are the most important vector.173

Citing a 2008 study, the U.S. Center for Disease Control estimated in 2015 that 4.5 million people in the USA are bitten by dogs each year.174 A 2015 study estimated that 1.8% of the U.S. population is bitten each year.175 In the 1980s and 1990s the US averaged 17 fatalities per year, while since 2007 this has increased to an average of 31.176 77% of dog bites are from the pet of family or friends, and 50% of attacks occur on the property of the dog's legal owner.176

A Colorado study found bites in children were less severe than bites in adults.177 The incidence of dog bites in the US is 12.9 per 10,000 inhabitants, but for boys aged 5 to 9, the incidence rate is 60.7 per 10,000. Moreover, children have a much higher chance to be bitten in the face or neck.178 Sharp claws with powerful muscles behind them can lacerate flesh in a scratch that can lead to serious infections.179

In the UK between 2003 and 2004, there were 5,868 dog attacks on humans, resulting in 5,770 working days lost in sick leave.180

In the United States, cats and dogs are a factor in more than 86,000 falls each year.181 It has been estimated around 2% of dog-related injuries treated in UK hospitals are domestic accidents. The same study found that while dog involvement in road traffic accidents was difficult to quantify, dog-associated road accidents involving injury more commonly involved two-wheeled vehicles.182

Toxocara canis (dog roundworm) eggs in dog feces can cause toxocariasis. In the United States, about 10,000 cases of Toxocara infection are reported in humans each year, and almost 14% of the U.S. population is infected.183 In Great Britain, 24% of soil samples taken from public parks contained T. canis eggs.184not in citation given Untreated toxocariasis can cause retinal damage and decreased vision.184 Dog feces can also contain hookworms that cause cutaneous larva migrans in humans.185186187188


Who's afraid of pitbulls? Everybody but Lise Vadnais

Her sister was killed by a, American Staffordshire Terrier - a type of Pitbull - so she wrote a book.


Sunday, March 24 2019

Fact or Fiction

Fact or Fiction: Young children doing cartwheels or handstands on the grassy areas of the promenade, may be in danger of picking up bacterial infections from dogs that have passed by. Fact: Even if feces is picked up, the smear left behind may hold harmful viruses, bacteria and parasites (including giardia, E coli, and salmonella) that takes years to decompose.

Fact or Fiction: The mess left by Canada Geese is just as harmful. Fiction: The natural diet eaten by wild animals produces waste products that are although very unpleasant, do not produce the same harmful bacteria the "pet feed" dogs do..

Fact or Fiction: Fecal droppings from Canada Geese and Seagulls present the same health risk to humans as dog feces. Fiction: Although Canada Geese and Seagulls can carry diseases, there is no overwhelming evidence to show that they are signifiant disease transmitters to humans. Dogs on the other hand are a major reservoir of zoonotic infections for humans, and there are plenty of academic studies to support this. People must stop feeding the Gulls if they are concerned about their droppings. It’s never a good idea to feed wildlife.

Fact or Fiction: The trial of dogs on White Rock's promenade will correspond with the off season. Fiction: There is no “off season” because October to March corresponds to the sensitive overwintering period for migrating birds, and April to September corresponds to the period of high pedestrian traffic. It’s a bad place for dogs all year round.

Fact or Fiction: The majority of White Rock residents are in support of allowing dogs on the promenade. Fiction: The is no reliable quantitative evidence supporting this claim. However, there is reliable evidence disputing it since White Rock residents did not elect Mike Armstrong (for City Council), the principal proponent for dogs on the promenade. The people have spoken Mike!

Fact or Fiction: The promenade is no different than any other area in the City used by dog-walkers. Fiction: There is no sidewalk in the City where families pick-nick on the ground, within a stones throw of a Wildlife Management Area. Therefore, the promenade is a very special place. In addition dogs on the promenade is an open invite to tens of thousands of dogs, that could all show up at one time.

Fact or Fiction: The trial will determine if allowing dogs on the promenade is acceptable or not. Fiction: First of all, designing a quantitative, unbiased “trial” is fraught with problems. Second, because there will be attempts by the public to influence the results of the trial, any effort on experimental control will be futile. Third, unless specific objective levels are set up in advance, the end result will be determined by popularity politics – and we know what that is. And finally, the trial is actually a farce since in modern civil society, the burden of proof should be on the proponent (dog-walker) to show that there is no adverse impact on the environment or public health and safety. Permission by the governing authority is granted after all relevant evidence has been reviewed – not before.

Fact or Fiction: The majority of dog-owners area responsible people. Fiction: Studies show that on average 25% of dog-walkers do not pick up after their pet. And more than 80% of White Rock dog owners are breaking the law because their dogs are unlicensed. Even visual observations at any given time, in any given place will prove more delinquent owners than responsible.

Fact or Fiction: Voluntary compliance, and public awareness and education must be the first principle of dog management. It’s White Rock's policy. Fact: There is, and always will be a residual group of social misfits who continue to misbehave with impunity by ignoring dog bylaws as well as awareness or education campaigns. The best solution is to follow the precautionary principle, which denotes a duty to prevent harm, when it is in our power to do so, even when all the evidence is not in. In other words, do not allow dogs anywhere near sensitive environmental areas, or public realms where they pose an undue risk to public health and safety. And you don’t need a trial to prove this.

Saturday, March 23 2019

Dog owners just don't care about others

Yet another image of a dog on the promenade, despite the fact it is not permitted. Bylaw 1959 bans dogs, I guess this guy doesn't care about the law. Are you being convinced that most dog owners don't care about other people, the environment, wildlife or their community? That they just do what they want, when they want, regardless of how it impacts the world around them.


Dogs in shops?

Since when are mangy, dirty dogs allowed in shops that sell food. march-21-2019 (9).jpg

Dogs turn most people into law breakers

Dogs are catalysts that turn most people intp law breakers. Dogs are not permitted on the promenade in White Rock.

Sunday, March 17 2019

No dogs - Bylaw 1959

White Rock BC., has a no dog Bylaw in place. WTF people, there are signs every 100' and signs painted on the promenade itself. Why do you feel you can disobey the law and do what the fuck you want, when the fuck you want to?

mar-16-2019 (25).jpg

Dog shit in picnic area

Some fucking areshole left dog shit on the grass at White Rock's promenade, where children play and families picnic.

mar-16-2019 (10).JPG

Pets' environmental impact

The truth about cats' and dogs' environmental impact.

mar-16-2019 (9).JPG

Monday, March 11 2019

Dogs are catalysts

Dogs are catalysts that take very normal, nice people and turn them into selfish, uncaring raving lunatics that don't give a dam about their neighbours, their community, their city the environment, wildlife or the negative impact that dog ownership has on everything and everyone except them. Quite clearly in this image Bylaw 1959 bans dogs from the promenade, How could it be more clear than large signs every 100'?

feb-24-2019 (1).jpg

Saturday, March 9 2019

Off-leash Pit Bull attacks other dog

An off-leash Pit Bull attacked another dog. When ar cities going to start putting the boots to all dog owners, to license their mutts, pay yearly faeces fees, taking pet ownership training course and start obeying all fucking laws. Other people in society would rather they didn't have to encounter other peoples mutts wherever they go. Why is it okay for dog owners to impose their selfish decision to own a dog, on everybody else in society. Pit Bull, German Shepherd, Collie, Beagle whatver, they're all a public nuisance. CTV NEWS EDMONTON

Dog on dog attack

A illegal off-leash dog attacked and injured a leashed dog, on Coal Harbours Seawall in February 2019. Why are their so many delinquent dog owners that hate wildlife and have no concern for anyone or anything else. Cities need to up their funding for animal so they can stomp with big fucking boots on people like this arsehole dog owner. CTV NEWS VANCOUVER

Woman attacked and killed by her dog

A woman was attacked and killed by her own dog, a Boxer cross. CTV NEWS CALGARY

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